Clifton Hill Primary School

Excellence in Education

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Principal Geoffrey Warren
Assistant Principals Gareth Buck 1.0
Megan Smith 0.6
Karen Dileo 0.4
Administrative staff The office is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm
Di Henderson
Nia Syrbopoulos
School Nurse Karen McBrearty
185 Gold Street CLIFTON HILL VIC 3068 (Melways Ref. 44D2)

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Contact numbers
(Phone) 03 9489-8333 or 03 9489-8794
(Facsimile) 03 9481 1910
School email
52 356 276 884

Our Teaching Staff

Grade 6
Gareth Buck
Kaye Keane
Grade 5
Kristy Keenan
Sally Meadham
Dylan Thomas
Grade 4
Jenny Gay
Merelina Lorenzin
Kate Walder
Grade 3
Ellen Canny
Jenny Hemphill
Rebekah Kirchner
Di Nevile
Grade 2
Sarah Dalgleish
Cora Evans
Sharon Gilchrist
Victoria Sims
Grade 1
Vicki Gigliotti
Jocelyn Kassis
Aya Schmeisser
Susan Williamson
Alex Clover
Jacqui Francis
Peta Hirschfeld
Nerida Mellerick
Support teachers
Kirsty Wain
Kirsty Argyle
Georgia Drew
Specialist teachers
Rosy Green
Sophie Gammon
Elsa Klockenbring
Penny Webb
Kevin Yang
Zhang, Cindy (Jihui)
Roz Girvan
Physical Education
Sophie Crockett
Jocelyn Kassis
Dana Corben
Sian Smith