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Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is the core ethos of our teaching strategy. Our policies and their implementation are reflective of a whole-school approach where there is consistency between the understandings of staff, students, parents and the school's leadership team about student wellbeing.

Creating and maintaining a respectful and safe environment is a priority for our school. We expect that every student will thrive, learn and grow to enjoy a productive, rewarding and fulfilling life, while contributing to their local and global communities. A respectful and safe learning environment is an essential characteristic of our school, a place that is engaging and inclusive of a diverse range of learners.

Our approach to the teaching of social skills

At Clifton Hill Primary School, we believe student emotional health and wellbeing underpins academic achievement. The teaching of social skills is undertaken from a whole school, preventative approach, whereby a variety of programs are used as part of explicit classroom teaching. These include:

Additional social skills support is offered to students via Individual Learning Plans, participation in smaller social skills groups and Educational Psychologist involvement.

For further information on our school-wide approach to student health and wellbeing, please see our Student Engagement Policy

Clifton Hill Primary School also offers additional programs which support the development of student social and emotional wellbeing. These include:


Peer Activity Leaders (PALs) is program whereby year six students run a lunchtime program for students in years Prep to Two. who prefer structured activities to outside independent play. Activities include team and individual games as well as quiet indoor activities. In addition to important social skills, it also facilitates the development of leadership and negotiation skills.


Each year the new Prep students interact with Year 5 students during Buddy Sessions where the grades meet to complete activities together. Grades also often meet to socialise during lunch eating time. This program develops cross-age relationships and helps Prep students to feel more confident and connected in the yard

Chess Club

Chess Club is an optional lunchtime activity offered to develop logical thinking and interaction skills in a structured environment. This program is offered at a cost to parents.

We also offer a range of cross-age programs that promote social interaction and the development of leadership skills while students pursue areas of interest, such as:

Junior School Council

Our school has an enthusiastic group of classroom representatives from years 1-6 that form our Junior School Council. These students meet forthnightly to give voice to issues concerning students and to discuss upcoming fundraising opportunities.

Newspaper team

Each term, students have the opportunity to contribute to a quarterly newspaper made by and for students.

Tournament Of Minds

Tournament of Minds is an Australia-wide program that encourages students to collaborate as a team in order to solve open-ended problems. In doing so, students develop co-operative skills, creative and critical thinking skills and friendships.

Victorian State School Spectacular

Our school regularly participates in this exciting annual event where students collaborate together to produce a performance that showcases their talents.


Some of our talented teachers offer students the opportunity to join the school choir where students can enjoy working together to produce beautiful music and perform to others.

Aerobics Club

Students with a desire to keep fit in a fun environment are offered the opportunity to join our Aerobics Club.


At Clifton Hill Primary School, we promote positive social skills and do not tolerate any form of bullying.

Further information is available in our Student Wellbeing Handbook that is provided to all new families to ensure a consistent understanding and school-wide approach.

Parents can also visit the Victorian Department of Education site Bully Stoppers: Make a stand. Lend a hand. It has areas designed specifically for students, parents and teachers with advice related to frequently asked questions, interactive activities and more.

Parent Health and Well Being Resources

Click on the links below to access parent guides on a variety of topics.

Our school library also offers parents a range of books with suggested parenting strategies and tips on ways to respond to different situations.