Excursions, Camps & Overseas Tours

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Excursions, Camps and Overseas Tours

Students exploring Melbourne

Clifton Hill Primary School provides extensive Excursions, Camps and optional Overseas Tours program to complement our school based learning. These provide an excellent opportunity to learn outside the classroom environment and integrate important life skills with fellow students and teachers.

All children are expected to attend excursions, incursions and camps as they are designed to complement the educational program at our school.


A range of excursions, incursions, speakers and productions further enhance learning experiences for students. Excursions are linked to a unit of work being undertaken in classrooms and performances by visiting groups enhance learning across many domains.



Students at the beach

Clifton Hill Primary School has an extensive camping/outdoor education program from Grades Three to Six. A cycle of environmental, historical and adventure camps are offered with a preparation 'School Sleepover' occurring for year 2 students.

Camp destinations

  • Grade 3: Anglesea
  • Grade 4: Echuca
  • Grade 5: Tasmania
  • Grade 6: Canberra

Great Victorian Bike Ride


For the past six years a group of Grade 6 students has participated in the Great Victorian Bike Ride, accompanied by teachers and a number of parents. The Great Victorian Bike Ride is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience one last adventure together before leaving primary school. The students ride approximately 600km around regional Victoria, with daily distances ranging from 50 to 100km. Feasibility for this trip is determined annually, based upon student interest and teacher availability.

Overseas Tours

 Students on the Great Wall of China


Students studying Mandarin have the opportunity in March of Year 5 to attend a 7 day intensive Mandarin school experience in one of our two sister schools in Machong (Guangzhou Province). Students are accompanied by our teaching staff, stay in a four-star hotel and attend the sister school full-time throughout the week.

All students in Year 6 (regardless of studying Mandarin) are eligible to attend a two-week cultural tour of parts of China in September including Shanghai, Xian (terra cotta warriors etc.) Beijing (Great Wall, Forbidden City etc.) and our sister school in Huiabei where home-stays are a key feature (3-4 nights).

New Caledonia

In Grade 6, French students have the opportunity to travel to New Caledonia on an 8-day Language Tour comprising a combination of French lessons and cultural activities, all undertaken in the target language.
New Caledonia